Balloon Flight B-64 / M0XER-4, 12th July - 23rd November 2014

Self-made plastic foil envelope. Balloon successfully circumnavigated the Earth in 19 and a half days then went on to fly past within 9km of the North Pole and 10km of the launch site.

Significant telemetry strings:
"$$B-64,1,064229,140712,52.096,-1.0225,126,6,27,4.18,0.5*D2BF" - telemetry report after flight computer powerup
"$$B-64,20674,162750,140731,50.6904,-1.0193,12613,12,7,4.23,0.68*DA9C" - telemetry report after crossing launch site longitude 19 days later

Payload weight - 11 grams.
Downlink mode - 434.500MHz USB Contestia 64/1000 and APRS on regional frequencies. 10mW transmitter.

Start time: 12th July 2014 06:51 UTC from Silverstone, UK
Last known position: 23rd November 2014 16:34 UTC over Iceland
Total flight time: 134 days (3225.7 hours)

Tracking: APRS

B-64 envelope
B-64 envelope

B-64 balloon has flown through the following countries:

 United Kingdom
 North Korea

APRS data 1 APRS data 2

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Flight path:

Flight profile:

North Pole flypast:

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