Balloon Flight B-63 / M0XER-3, 8 July 2014

Self-made plastic foil envelope. B-63 followed B-64 to successfully circumnavigate the Earth.

Payload weight - 11 grams.
Downlink mode - 434.500MHz USB Contestia 64/1000 and APRS on regional frequencies where allowed. 10mW transmitter.
Start time: 8th July 2014 06:53 UTC
Last known position: 10th August 2014 08:05 UTC
Flight time: 793 hours (33 days)
Track length: 47,430 km

Payload and envelope are similar to B-64

B-63 balloon has flown through the following countries:

 United Kingdom
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Greenland (estimated)
 Mongolia (estimated)
 South Korea

Flight path:

Flight profile:

Track details:

Great circle distance:

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