Balloon Flight B-66 / M0XER-6, 15 July 2014

Self-made plastic foil envelope. Circumnavigated the Earth 3 times.

Most of the last lap data is missing due to failing battery. B-66 stopped transmitting over Russia and appeared again over Atlantic near Ireland having travelled East. The track maps show this segment replaced with shortest path which might look confusing as it is "on the other side of the world."

Payload weight - 11 grams.
Downlink mode - 434.500MHz USB Contestia 64/1000 and APRS on regional frequencies. 10mW transmitter.
Start time: 15th July 2014 14:17 UTC
Last known position: 18th September 2014 18:35 UTC
Flight duration: 65 days (1564 hours)
Minimum track distance: 69583km (projected onto geoid, missing sections replaced by shortest path)

Payload and envelope are similar to B-64

Flight path:

Flight profile:

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(C)2014 Leo Bodnar